I have worked as a Health Care Professional since 1990, originally in Nursing and then retraining to become a Complementary Health and Well-Being Therapist in 1997 and  have added to my knowledge, skills and techniques each year  (see here).

I have recently expanded my work to include Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, and several of the hands-on healing body processes from Access Consciousness.

My practice has always been focused on the understanding that blocked energy is the source of disease. All of the healing techniques, tools and processes I use in my sessions aim to clear blocked energy, generate energy flows and restore the self-healing capacities of the body.

Whether this involves Reflexology, Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, Access Body Processes or Kinesiology corrections using muscle testing to access the wisdom of the body.

Although I am no longer taking on new clients specifically for Health Kinesiology treatments (see alternative HK practitioners here) I have integrated HK knowledge and skills into my current treatments.

The way I work can probably be best described as Guided Healing – using the wisdom of the body (through muscle testing) to access and choose the most beneficial treatment from the hundreds of clearing and healing processes I have available. Guided healing sessions may also include the use of additional energy tools such as magnets, crystals, essential oils and essences to enhance the healing process.