I have worked as a Health Care Professional since 1990 when I started Nurse training but I changed direction when Complementary Therapies and natural remedies proved to be effective for my sons allergies. I retrained and have been a Complementary Health and Well-being therapist since 1998. Initially offering Aromatherapy, Healing and Reflexology. I have added to my skills and techniques each year (see here).

2016 provided some big changes in my life and work, although I have been a qualified nutritionist for over 10 years I had been unable to fully assist some of my clients due to the lack of minerals in their foods and supplements. After discovering the amazing benefits I received from taking a newly discovered full spectrum plant derived mineral product called Sizzling Minerals. I began to recommend it to my clients. Many saw improvements in symptoms, energy levels and general well being that my therapies had not been able to fully assist them with.

I am so passionate about the need for full spectrum minerals that I am reducing my practice hours to concentrate on building up a business and team of distributors to share this information.

To simplify my practice I am now only offering the therapies that are the most relaxing and help to generate change with the greatest of ease. (Reflexology and Access Bars)

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Or if you’d like to learn more about how you could start building a health promoting business from home, working part time and when and where it suits you see this

Please contact me if you would like any more information healing@catherinebritcliffe.co.uk