Guided Healing (Kinesiology)

I have worked as a Health Care Professional since 1990, originally in Nursing and then retraining to become a Complementary Health and Well-Being Therapist in 1997 and  have added to my knowledge, skills and techniques each year  (see here).

My practice is focused on the understanding that blocked energy is the source of disease. All of the healing techniques, tools and processes I use in my sessions aim to clear blocked energy, generate energy flows and restore the self-healing capacities of the body.

Guided Healing accesses the wisdom of the body through muscle testing (Kinesiology) to determine the most appropriate and beneficial healing treatment.

Muscle testing involves applying a light pressure to a muscle (usually in  the forearm) and monitoring the response for strength or weakness.  After testing for meridian energy imbalances and restoring even energy flow the muscle response can be reliably combined with verbal questioning to get “yes” and “no”responses from the body, if after asking a question the muscle gives way this is interpreted as a “no” and a strong locked response is interpreted as a “yes”.  This testing technique can be used to then determine the optimum healing techniques to be used in your session.

The treatment takes place lying down and fully clothed on my treatment couch. Muscle testing is used to determine what is needed to restore balanced energy flow to the body’s energy systems. Our bodies are innately self healing and with the right conditions will continue to be so throughout our lives. However these natural healing process can become blocked and can benefit from some gentle assistance to reactivate them.

All healing procedures are very gentle and may involve the use of magnets, sound, essential oils, essences, crystals or specific hands on healing processes. Substances or thoughts that are causing stress to the body may be used to clear blocked energy so that they can be tolerated with greater ease. Words, thought processes and memories may also be used to clear past trauma or release limiting beliefs.

If certain aspects of your lifestyle are contributing to issues it may be necessary to make some adjustments, these are usually gentle tweaks to diet, nutrition, exercise or sleep patterns, these are determined by using muscle testing to determine how your body would like to release stressful patterns.

The aim of all my healing sessions is to release stress and blocked energy that is inhibiting the bodies innate self healing ability, and to bring in supporting energies and practices that enable the body to heal with ease.

As well as Guided Healing sessions Reflexology, Access bars and Access Energetic Facelift sessions are also available.