Plant Derived Minerals

Does your body have the essential ingredients it needs to maintain optimum health?

Every day we need 90 essential nutrients for our bodies to function optimally , 12 Amino acids (proteins), 16 Vitamins, 60 Minerals and 2 Essential Fatty acids. It is possible to get the Amino acids, Vitamins and Essential Fatty acids from our diet if we are eating lots of organic vegetables and fish, but it is impossible for us to get 60 minerals from our food ( which contains at the most 16-20 minerals) due to mineral depletion in the soil. (Confirmed by UNICEF, World Health Organisation, UK ministry of Agriculture and the Royal Society of Chemistry)

The only known source of full spectrum plant derived minerals comes from a 70 million year old vegetate deposit in Utah, USA. This deposit discovered in the 1920’s  and containing over 60 minerals is now being used to create the most potent mineral supplement available today.

The most dramatic results from taking Plant Derived Minerals are usually seen by people who are already suffering from degenerative disease who notice a lessening of their symptoms. Others notice more energy, better sleep, an inner feeling of strength, feeling more resilient to stress, less aches and pains, increased strength and endurance when exercising, and a general sense of well being. Further testimonials from an independent site can be found here

Prevention is the key to a happy healthy life 

Plant Derived Minerals are the basic nutrition that our bodies are crying out for.  As we are no longer getting the minerals from our food or supplements up to 90% of us are unknowingly affected by sub clinical disease (this is disease such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease in its very early stages that as yet shows no symptoms). The body always attempts to maintain its equilibrium so this slowly evolving disease process can go unnoticed for years. This is a reason why not everyone will perceive obvious and significant health benefits. The body is being re-mineralised taking the body out of sub-clinical disease and the minerals are being used by the body to create a state of better health and resilience.  Imperceptible health benefits are occurring whether we can see them or not, the photo below shows the difference in the health of the blood after  5 weeks of taking Plant Derived Minerals.






For further information see this , or you can buy and try them for yourself by clicking on the links below. The minerals come in three options and are suitable for vegetarians and for all ages from age 1+

Effervescent wafers (Sizzling Minerals) In Cherry Berry, Orange, Lemon & Lime or Natural flavour. Dissolve in at least half a pint of cold or warm but not boiling water, it can be drunk in one go or some people prefer to add it to a bottle of water and sip throughout the day for sustained absorption.

   Veggie capsules, take 2 daily with a drink.


Dry Mineral powder (2 scoops [1/2 teaspoon]equal 2 veggie caps or 1 sizzling mineral) it can be added to soups, savoury sauces, fruit juice, smoothies or water,  it has a bitter flavour so best to start off with 1 scoop and test the flavour before adding the 2nd scoop. Also blending to a paste with a small amount of water before adding the rest of the liquid will help the minerals dissolve and disperse more easily.


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