reflexology foot massage, spa foot treatment.
Reflexology is an ancient system of healing, that works on the understanding that the feet are a reflective map of the body. All areas of the body have corresponding points on the feet. Massage and manipulation of the feet aim to release energy imbalances, induce relaxation and boost the body’s ability to heal itself.

Our bodies contain our vital energy or life force. If our life force flows unrestricted, we experience good health, abundant energy and are better equipped to make choices that lead to a more productive, prosperous and happy life. If this flow is restricted or shut down, the part of the body and the energy associated with it becomes compromised and dis-ease occurs. The techniques performed in a reflexology session facilitate the clearing of these restrictions resulting in energy flowing more freely.

My Reflexology sessions are combined with aromatherapy and additional energy testing, balancing and clearing techniques to enhance the healing process.

Treatment Time – 1 hour -£40