Relevant Training and Qualifications

1990 -1991 Student Nurse

1997-1998 IFA Diploma in Aromatherapy

1999 NFSH Spiritual Healing

1999-2000 IIHHT Diploma in Reflexology

2000 Indian Head Massage

2000 Metamorphic Technique

2002-2003 Touch for Health levels 1-5 (Basic Applied Kinesiology KF accredited)

2003-2004 Health Kinesiology practitioner training. (levels 1-5) (KF and FHT accredited)

2004 Assimilation Kinesiology part 1 and 2 (KF and FHT accredited)

2005 Advanced Health Kinesiology level 6 (KF and FHT accredited)

2004-2005 NCFE Certificate in Life Coaching

2005-2006 NCFE Diploma in Life Coaching

2006 Advanced Health Kinesiology level 7  (KF and FHT accredited)

2004-2006 Diploma in Natural Nutrition (The college of Natural Nutrition)

2006-2007 EmoTrance practitioner training

2007  AAMET,  EFT level 1 and 2 practitioner certificate

2008 OCNW Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

2009 Various EFT workshops

2010 Integrated Healing levels 1-3

2011 Petaltone Essences training

2012 Crystal Healing training

2013 APEC 1 (Accessing the power of the extraordinary meridians)  (KF and FHT accredited)

2014 APEC 2  (Accessing the power of the extraordinary meridians)  (KF and FHT accredited)

2014 IAACE Level 1 Practitioner (International Association Advanced Clearing Energetics)

2014 Emotion Code Practitioner training

2015 Balancing the Ko Cycles (Advanced Kinesiology, KF and FHT accredited)

2016 Human Givens: modules: Tackling Addictions, Understanding Anxiety and Brief effective Psychotherapy

2016 Access Consciousness Bars practitioner training

2017 Access Energetic Facelift

2017 Access Consciousness Foundation including hands on healing body processes

2017 Online Training in The Roll Model and basic Hannah Somatics.

2018 Online training in The Melt Method

2019 Body Whispering (Access consciousness)

2020 Repeat of Access Bars training. Allergy Detective, Ho’oponopono

2021 The Balance Procedure

I am a Registered Practitioner with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)