Self help:EFT Basic procedure

The EFT basic procedure is made up of four components

1-The Set Up.Firstly identify your issue and fit it into the set up affirmation.

Rate your stress level. Repeat your affirmation 3X whilst rubbing the tender chest spot or the Karate chop point on the side of the hand.

The Sandwich – stages 2-4.

2-Tap the sequence of 14 points, stating the issue you are working on at each point.

3- Complete the 9 gamut procedure whilst still focusing on your problem.

4- Tap the sequence of points again, then re- rate your stress levels. If the stress has reduced but not gone completely repeat the sandwich.

1- THE SETUP Repeat your set up affirmation: “Even though I have this …(name the problem)…I deeply and completely accept myself” 3X Whilst tapping the Karate Chop point on the side of the hand or continuously rubbing the tender chest spot. (either side)

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The set up helps to deal with any polarity problems that create self sabotaging behaviour – where the conscious and the unconscious mind are not in agreement. Polarity problems create a disturbance of energy, it is like having the batteries in but the – and + connected up wrong . There is energy there but it cannot get through. If this polarity or psychological reversal is present it will stop any healing in it’s tracks so this needs to be dealt with first. The affirmation acknowledges that there is a problem and generates self acceptance despite this.

2-4 THE SANDWICH (Tapping sequence, Gamut and Tapping sequence again)


You can tap with either hand, or both if you prefer, but it is not necessary to tap the points on both sides of the body. Tap the points marked in red.

Tap each point about 7X whilst naming the problem you are dealing

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1-Inner edge of eyebrow (Bladder 2), 2-Outer edge of eye on bone (Gallbladder 1) , 3-Under eye on bone (Stomach 1), 4-Under nose (Governing 27), 5-Under mouth (Central 24), 6-Under collar bone(Kidney 27), 7-On ribs under breast (Liver 14), 8-on side of ribs (Spleen 21), 9- outer edge of thumb (Lung 11), 10- index finger (Large intestine 1), 11-middle finger (Pericardium 9), 12-ring finger (Triple warmer 1), 13-little finger (Heart 9), 14- side of hand (Small intestine 3)


The nine gamut procedure. This fine tunes the brain via eye movement, humming and counting to integrate all parts of the brain. The gamut point to tap is half an inch back from the knuckles of the little and ring finger. (marked in purple) Whilst tapping this point there are nine actions to perform;

Gamut point= top of hand half inch below knuckles of little and ring finger (purple spot)

1-eyes open, 2- eyes closed, 3- eyes down to the right, 4- eyes down to the left, 5- roll eyes clockwise, 6- roll eyes anti clockwise. 7-hum 2 seconds of a song, 8- count rapidly from 1-5, 9-hum 2 seconds of a song


This completes one round of the EFT basic sequence, re-rate your stress level. If your stress has reduced but not been totally eliminated repeat the sequence with the affirmation; “Even though I still have some of this (name the problem) I deeply and completely accept myself.”