Self Help:EFT Shortcut

The EFT shortcut procedure is made up of two components.

1- THE SETUP Repeat 3 times the affirmation -“Even though I have this (name the problem) I deeply and completely accept myself” Whilst continuously rubbing the tender chest spot (either side) or tapping the Karate Chop point on the side of the hand.

2014-02-25_14h58_00 2014-02-25_14h57_38
Sore spot Karate Chop tapping point

The set up helps to deal with polarity problems that create self sabotaging behaviour – where the conscious and the unconscious mind are not in agreement. Polarity problems create a disturbance of energy, it is like having the batteries in but the – and + connected up wrongly . There is energy there but it cannot get through. If this polarity or psychological reversal is present it will stop any healing in it’s tracks so this needs to be dealt with first. The affirmation acknowledges that there is a problem and generates self acceptance despite it.

2-THE TAPPING SEQUENCE- The 8 points for the EFT shortcut are all acupressure points (the meridian name and acupressure point number is given below in brackets). The points are on both the left and right sides of the body except for the points on the midline. You can tap the acupressure points with either hand, or both, it is not necessary (but you may prefer) to tap the points on both sides of the body.

Tap each point about 7x whilst repeating the problem to help keep you focused on the issue you are dealing with.

2014-02-25_13h54_18EFT Tapping Points:

  1. Inner edge of eye brow (Bladder 2)
  2. Outer side of eye (Gallbladder 1)
  3. Under eye (Stomach 1)
  4. Under nose (Governing 27)Under collar bone (Kidney 27)
  5. Below nipple (Liver 14)
  6. Under arm (Spleen 21)

This completes one round of the shortcut EFT procedure. It is important to rate your level of distress at the start of the procedure and at the end using a scale of 0-10. 10 being the most distressed. The aim is to reduce the stress to 0. If you do not do this with the first round repeat the tapping but change the wording of the affirmation. For example…

“Even though I still have some of this (name the problem) I deeply and completely accept myself.”

This procedure can be used for virtually any disturbance and you can change the affirmation to address the particular issue. You may find that as you go through the rounds the initial disturbance seems to ease but other issues come up, tap to these, this is like peeling back the layers of an onion, each set of tapping is your journey towards emotional freedom. A disturbance may be made up of several aspects and the more specific you can be with your affirmation the more successful you will be.

For example low self esteem can be due to numerous factors; shyness, fear of failure, fear of rejection, dislike of body image, fear of being noticed, childhood rejection/criticism, not feeling loved etc. The more aspects you can use the procedure on for your specific problems the better the result.

You can think of your issue as a diseased forest, and of each negative thought as being a diseased tree. By tapping to each thought you are neutralising them and you are chopping down a tree, so the more trees you can chop down the quicker you will be able to clear the forest and see clearly again.

This is a short cut version of the full EFT procedure and it will be successful most of the time, if your stress level is not reduced by using it you may benefit from using the full EFT procedure