The Balance Procedure

The balance procedure (TBP) created by Jenny Cox is a powerful tool that you use on yourself to keep yourself in balance with all aspects of your life.

Jenny has created one of the simplest yet most empowering self-help energy tools available today.

Combining positive intention, the breath, the heart centre and 9 universal energy cards with natural mind-body feedback, The balance procedure effortlessly transforms unconscious patterns, fears and limiting beliefs. It does not require or involve delving into our past or analysing what is keeping us stuck. TBP simply brings us back to the present moment, this is the point of power, and only from this place can we be in the flow of our lives.

We are the creators of our reality. All our thoughts, feelings and emotions, (often below our awareness) are  vibrations that we send out into the world. Everything we see outside of us is a reflection of our internal state. To change our external reality then we must first change ourselves.

So as Gandhi said

Be the change you want to see in the world.

How do we do that? TBP is the simplest, quickest and most profound energy tool I have found to do this in over 20 years as a therapist.

TBP uses the positive intention of what you would like to create in your life and clears the resistance and blocks you have towards that. Bringing you back to your still point: being centred and in alignment with who you are, where you are and what you want to be and do. Each balance check and rebalance takes less than one minute, literally the time it takes for you to take a breath in and out.

A healthy adult takes between 12- 20 breaths per minute that is between 17,000 – 29,000 breaths a day. Children take even more breaths than this. Each alignment or balance using The Balance Procedure takes one breath making it an easy accessible tool to use without creating a time consuming commitment in your daily life.

The balance procedure can be taught via zoom or in person. You can then use the symbol cards and book daily to maintain balance – this is a state of inspired, focused relaxation, from where you can create your life as you would like it to be.

You can buy The Balance Procedure book and cards from me for £15 (including P&P within the UK.)

Or they are included in the price of a 90 minute zoom or in person session for £65

please contact me at  to book a session or buy the book and cards

The Balance Procedure can also be accessed and used via the TBP app (Available here) or from the kindle book available on amazon.

The balance procedure once learnt can also be included in all of my other treatment sessions to enhance their potential.


“The balance procedure is simple, effective and revealing. It has opened up avenues I never thought to walk down. Catherine is a fabulous teacher, her insight is instinctive and thought provoking. I can’t imagine a day when I won’t use TBP to begin my day in the full flow of my highest and greatest good. I thoroughly recommend it.” FB


“I am so grateful that Catherine introduced me to The Balance Procedure and it was very helpful to have a Zoom appointment with her when I first got my set.

I used to have a tendency to easily become ungrounded and out of balance, but with The Balance Procedure I can correct that within seconds, and I can’t even begin to describe how much easier, happier and healthier using The Balance Procedure is making my life.  Instead of just managing issues I now have a tool that provides me with instant feed back.  If I’m not in alignment with how I would like to be I can clear and correct it without needing to investigate why or anything else. 

Catherine has made some wonderful suggestions in regard to using The Balance Procedure cards, including picking one at random for the day which has invariably been relevant and fun.  I have also really enjoyed using The Balance Procedure alongside positive affirmations.  It is really exciting to think that I can use The Balance Procedure to help me achieve my goals.  Any subconscious resistance I may have is easily shown with the balance check and can then be cleared so that I am in alignment with the affirmation.  Again no need for complicated or time consuming analysis or clearing methods. 

 I am only just beginning to grasp what the potential applications of The Balance Procedure could be.  The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations. “ RC